Sunday, 23 November 2008

Drink Driving

Are we really so stupid as to take on board the complete crap coming out of the Dept of Transport?

One footballer, in an emotionally agitated state, leaves his hotel room in the middle of the night pissed as a fart; and in his debilitated state decides to drive home to resolve his relationship problems.

He was way,way over the limit and driving at 97 mph; and the widely reported consequences of his actions were devastating.

Apparently the Government thinks if the drink drive limit was 50mg instead of 80mg; he wouldn't have done it.

I think that's a load of old shit.

Emotionally agitated 'pissed' people will kill people every year, regardless of the drink drive limit. This is because emotionally agitated pissed people no longer care what the limit is, the limit has stopped being a consideration for them. And of course, if they kill someone, they should face the consequences.

So have the government proposed making the consequences of killing somebody more severe?

Course not.

However we can all feel much much safer as everybody else in the country, without having harmed a single soul, will now be criminalised for having one glass of wine over lunch.

God help us.

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